Certificate Numbers by Year

RPSL Limited Expert Committee’s Certificate Numbers

Frank Walton FRPSL

The Supplement to The London Philatelist, entitled “The Expert Committee 1894-1994” provides a great deal of information about the history of this invaluable aspect of the Society’s services, provided since 1983 by its limited liability subsidiary, RPSL Limited. This supplement was circulated to members to mark the Experts’ centenary in April 1984, but it is now most readily available to newer members via the LP Archival Edition.

During research into the provenance of rare items, old RPSL Expert Committee certificates are frequently encountered. However, the date of these certificates is not alway recorded. To overcome this, I have listed statistics about the annual creation of certificates; this allows a stamp with a particular certificate number to be reasonably accurately dated. The columns show the year, the number of certificates issued and then the highest number issued in that year.

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