Experts - Pricing and Payment

Payment methods for overseas submitters

Cheque drawn on a UK bank

Credit and Debit card. We accept any card displaying the Visa or Mastercard symbols.

Those wishing to pay by Bank Transfer please contact the Secretary of RPSL Ltd. who will supply all account details upon request.

Please ensure we receive the total amount of payment due by informing your bank that ALL charges are for your account. If we incur bank charges on your payment, payment for these will be requested.

Cash sterling, sent at your own risk, is acceptable.

All submissions must be paid for before items are returned. To speed the process, if paying by credit card, please send us your card details either by post or email when items are submitted. If using another method we will invoice you when your items are ready, and then we will send them immediately following your payment.

Credit and Debit Card Payments

Please see the Certificate Application Form

Experts - Charges

1 January 2017

The opinions of the Expert Committee will be charged for by RPSL Ltd on the following scale which will apply to each item submitted for examination.

Messrs Stanley Gibbons current catalogue quotation FEE for opinion certified as genuine FEE for all other opinions
Up to £1,400 £35 £35
Covers and large pieces £40 £35
Between £1,400 and £20,000 2.5%  
Between £20,000 and £100,000 £500 plus 1% on the excess over £20,000  
Over £100,000 £1,300  
Where no catalogue value is given or for covers, lettersheets, multiples or premium pieces, the charges will be at the discretion of the Committee.

VAT (where applicable) plus return postage is additional to all charges.

Collector Fellows and Members of the Royal Philatelic Society London are entitled to a 25% discount from RPSL Ltd on the above charges. In addition, they are entitled to two free opinions on the FIRST TWO items submitted to the Expert Committee each year between the January and December meetings. These free opinions are not retrospective and are subject to a handling charge of £15 (including VAT where applicable) per item plus return delivery.

Philatelic Trade Fellows and Members are NOT entitled by virtue of membership only to a discount on the above charges. However, a 10% discount on opinion fees is available to those who are members of the Philatelic Traders’ Society who need to indicate their membership on the certificate application form. In addition, Philatelic Trade Fellows and Members are entitled to free opinions on the FIRST TWO items submitted to the Expert Committee each year between the January and December meetings. Similar to above, the free opinions are not retrospective and a £15 handling fee (including VAT where applicable) plus return delivery applies to each free opinion.

Great Britain Departmental Official issues (with overprints): An additional charge of £15 is made for each such item whether submitted subject to standard rate charge or ‘free’.

All British, Commonwealth and Foreign items are accepted and each item must be accompanied by a separate completed ‘Application for Certificate’ form. These forms are available from the secretary, or can be downloaded from this website (

Return will be as soon as practical after the meeting. A pro-forma invoice will be sent for fees due other than to regular users of the service. Overseas applicants are encouraged to pay by Credit Card where possible. Items will be returned by Special Delivery (UK only) or International Signed For Post once payment has been received. Please let the secretary know if you wish return to be made by some other method, e.g. courier. Certificate results are not disclosed prior to their return to the submitter.

Every care is taken of items sent for examination, but they are accepted UPON THE EXPRESS CONDITION that the Company is not liable for any loss of or damage to any item submitted, or for the results of opinions expressed, as specified on the Application for Certificate Form. INSURANCE in transit or while in the Committee’s control is not covered by the Company and is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER.